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Coping with problems doesn’t need to be a lonely endeavor.

Change Your Past Foundation

The Change Your Past Foundation is a tax-deductible donation approved & registered Australian charity that engages in an open dialog and information exchange with the public, health care providers and government agencies around the world to provide -

  • User-friendly Online Health Information Services for mental disorders through a comprehensive public portal;
  • Extensive Mental Health Data Collection through globally community member and partnership arrangements; and
  • Assistance to those that cannot afford their ideal treatment through public fundraising.
20% of our population is expected to experience a mental illness in the next 12 months

Learn How Can You Help Us Today

The best and fairest relationships are reciprocal, where both parties give to each other. The Change Your Past Foundation is offering you such a relationship. In which of the four – if not all – would you participate?

Help For Those in Need

Provide & Seek Funding

Many people with mental disorders experience challenges in their social and professional environments and subsequently may lose their life partner, family connection, friends, job or business and the ability to pay for treatment.


Create & Receive Data

In order to curb the growth rate of mental disorders, make well a large percentage of those people that are experiencing it and prevent suicide and other self-harm, every-one has to help with the collection of
data to improve treatments.


Share & Seek Information

Let’s learn from each other what works and doesn’t work regarding treatments, support groups, and therapists, so that we can share it with the world.


Share & Receive

Change Your Past is constantly expanding its services and with it grows our demand for self-motivated volunteers keen to improve people’s lives.

No one was created to live depressed, guilty, ashamed, condemned, or unworthy.

We all Were Created to Be Victorious!

  • For less than a cup of coffee ($3.50/day or $100/month) we can heal some-one from anxiety and depression and possibly prevent suicide, which is the cause of death of 25% of those that die as young adolescents.
  • 10% of people with eating disorders statistically will not survive. However, 10 donors donating $50/month for a year would enable us not only to save a life, but allow that person to enjoy it again
  • Almost every 2nd person you know will require help for mental illness at some stage in their life.