The Change Your Past Foundation was originally named Janrua Foundation and was officially founded on 1 January 2004 in South Australia. The founders were a group of passionate people who wanted to help those that were experiencing mental disorders caused by past traumatic life events and who were not financially capable to bear their treatment expenses.


In the early years of the foundation, the founding members were determined not to use therapies that would –

  • only target to alleviate symptoms instead of the underlying causes;
  • require the client to re-experience the trauma through the use of Talking Therapy;
  • possibly create drug-dependency and obesity.

These requirements forced the founders to continuously evaluate the best therapies available. But no matter how many modalities they studied over the years, the only therapy that fitted their criteria was the My Envisioned Mind process developed by independent researcher, Beverley F. Searle. And once they used My Envisioned Mind the result confirmed their scrutiny: They created an untold number of truly remarkable success stories and very happy clients.


Unfortunately, the number of clients they could assist was restricted by their capability of raising funds and so the foundation remained a rather small local community charity.

This changed in 2016–17, when new members came on board and restructured the entire organisation. While the name was altered to Change Your Past Foundation, Janrua Foundation’s main objective remained the same. However, it changed its perspective from a local view to a global view and from internal research and analysis to a very engaging public open sharing and learning concept.


Today, the Change Your Past Foundation is committed to tease out the best healing modalities. It also aims at uncovering (or help researchers to create) many more modalities like Your Envisioned Mind. At the same time, its give-and-take membership concept will enable it to collect more relevant data about the failures and successes of therapies than any other independent organisation. Both, new effective healing modalities and critical data analysis will be made available to members (users, clients, carers, counselors, researchers) and government agencies enabling them to better their individual healing approach.

Linette Hagen Secretary

Linette Hagen

Linette is a Life Coach and teacher. Her goal is to help every-one to recognize their uniqueness, own worth and talents.
She is the founder of Uniquely Abled, an organisation with the mission to inspire, educate and empower families who have a child or adult with a disability/special needs.
She also runs her own Life Coach business, Linette Hagen Consultancy, assisting people to turn their dreams into reality.

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Lin Ariffin

Lin is a Film & Video Producer, Talent Developer and award winning Script & Copywriter. She is the Executive & Creative Director of Global Peace Productions, whose declared mission it is to touch people’s hearts through inspiring real-life stories.
She also founded Peace Talent Production, where she helps to identify, coach and support new talents. Linette and Lin have very similar philosophies.

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Lin Ariffin
Frank Hermesdorf

Frank Hermesdorf

Frank is a Conservationist, Community Developer, Global Business Adviser and Board Member of various Charities. He is a big picture thinker that believes nothing is impossible.
He is Co-Founder & Board Director of The Global Foundation for Sustainable Communities and the Global Biosphere Foundation, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Lin’s Global Peace Productions and Founder and Director of Liveable Communities.
Frank’s passion is to create healthy, happy and interactive communities that are based on reciprocity, trust, and cooperation. As a true social capitalist he is not afraid to volunteer his skills, experience and time if it benefits the greater good.

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