Leave a gift in your Will

Charities like Change Your Past rely on community support to provide their services

Charities use donations for many significant advances in research and innovation. Because government funding for not-for-profit organisations is negligible, many advancements of humankind have only been accomplished through contributions by generous and passionate people.

Peter Kell, CEO Anglicare: “Charities rely heavily on the generous giving spirit of community-minded individuals who choose to leave a lasting legacy to them giving the charity the financial stability to plan ahead for new projects. Donations, no matter how small, have been the foundation of crucial support.”

Perhaps we should all follow our charitable instinct, our community and social responsibility and our willingness to make a difference during and after our lifetime. A donation left in your Will can make a significant difference to Change Your Past, your community and the entire society.


How do I leave my gift?

Your gift to Change Your Past can take one of a number of forms, including:

  • a specific gift of money, property, stocks or shares
  • a percentage of your estate
  • a residual gift of whatever is left after all your other gifts, taxes and debts have been accounted for
  • your estate

Grahame Gould, Lifeline: “The motivation behind an individual’s decision to remember a charity in their Will may vary. But the result remains the same – contributing to the financial security of that charity into the future.”

Making a significant difference

When we die our children may already be financially secure. More people than ever before can afford a charitable gift in their Will. As such a gift can be as big or little as we like, leaving a bequest depends entirely on our values, charitable instinct and social responsibility.

It is a great way to leave a long-lasting legacy that celebrates your life, the person you are or have become. It is an expression of your family values, your passion and commitment for both giving back and paying forward. As a result, you will be acknowledged and valued by those that are aligned for your liberal willingness to make a lasting difference to those in need.

Including the Change Your Past Foundation in your Will is a far-sighted and generous gesture. No matter how big or small, it will help us to continue identifying more therapies that can save people’s lives and to apply market pressures to therapists for using such therapies. Your generosity will fund treatments for those that cannot afford one and who, without your gift, would live a lonely life of pain & misery, starve or take their own lives.

last will

Your will is a legal document that enables you to continue supporting those causes you hold dear beyond your own lifetime

We’d sincerely encourage you to think about this special form of giving and, of course, discuss with your family and solicitor the possibility of donating to Change Your Past. If they ask for an example of wording from us, we recommend you use the following:

“I give, devise and bequeath to the Change Your Past Foundation Inc. (ABN: 62871033410) presently of 15 Els Court, Berwick, VIC 3806 for its general purposes to stop the onslaught of mental health illnesses, free from all taxes and duties

  • the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal; or
  • % (per cent) of the residue of my estate; or
  • % (per cent) of my estate; or
  • $ (amount)

I direct that the receipt of a director or officer for the time being of the Change Your Past Foundation Inc. will be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees.”

There may be more information about us that your solicitor might need, such as proof that we have deductible gift recipient status or the registration of our charity. These details are available on the website of the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission).

Alternatively, please contact us.

In case you decide to leave a gift to us, we’d love to know (no obligation) so that we can express our gratitude to you for this ultimate show of generosity and of course keep you informed about our achievements.

Donate in lieu of flowers

Another positive and lasting way of celebrating one’s life is asking family and friends to donate in lieu of flowers at a funeral. Without discrediting the heart-felt beauty of flowers, but they will be long gone, when the benefit of the donation is still changing or saving one’s life.

Just provide those that wish to honor and celebrate your life in your preferred way with our donation page and thank them on our behalf.

Shouldn’t we all consider leaving the world a better place for future generations? One way to do so is providing a gift to Change Your Past to stop the onslaught of mental illnesses. As a result, your legacy will change and save lives, now and forever.