What to Do if Your Income Isn’t Covering Your Expenses

If You are in Need of Funding

Many people that have mental disorders may experience challenges in their social and professional environments and subsequently may lose their life partner, family connection, friends, job or business. Without a supportive environment and a regular financial income they don’t have the strength and means to go through therapy and often give up on the world and themselves. This mustn’t be!

There are many support organisations in almost every country around the world, whose contact details you find listed on CompareTherapies.com under the individual disorders, who will do their best to assist you. As to funding, we are prepared to help you as much as we can. However, our funding potential is limited to the amount that individuals and organisations are donating to us and altuough we’d like to, we may not be able to help every-one. Rest assured, our Change Your Past team consists out of volunteers only and all administration costs are funded through our paid memberships, 100% of the donations received in our account are going to those people that are in need!

Become a Core Group Member

Become a paid Core Group Member first as this will ensure that you receive a discounted rate from those treatment providers listed on CompareTherapy.com. The discount will not only reimburse you for the membership fee, but in most cases will save you much more.

Send Your Core Group Member ID

Next, send us your Core Group Member ID and initial test results along with the story of your case. If qualified, we will promote your case through internal and external crowd-funding and donations given on this website..

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