stop messing with my mindStop Messing With My Mind

Help me with my eating disorder.

The American Psychiatric Association estimates that anorexia afflicts as many as one in every 100 girls. It has the highest mortality rate — 10 percent — of any mental illness.

There have been many stories about anorexia, so many heartbreaking examples of the medical model failing in finding a ‘cure’. There have been cases and statistics of ‘successes’ in the eating disorder clinics. So why are there still people out there suffering and dying from this disorder or from the results of this disorder? The successes are usually based on the client with anorexia being able to eat prior to leaving the clinic. However, this does not mean that they have been cured of their anorexia. Many still have issues with eating and the root cause of their anorexia may still be lurking in the background. This can lead to alcohol and drug abuse since the root issues remain.

What do doctors not want you to know about anorexia?

Their failures!

The My Envisioned Mind Process

This e-book delivers the The My Envisioned Mind Process.

The My Envisioned Mind process is a very unique visualisation process. It is not a technique where you have to talk over your problems for hours, weeks, months or sometimes years, which most other therapies ask you to do. Whilst talking-therapies may make you understand and feel better, they are not capable of removing the root-cause of your emotional challenge as the part of the brain that stores your adversity or trauma doesn’t understand language. Instead it
communicates through pictures!

As I believe very much in education and empowerment, allow me to explain the two main theories behind My Envisioned Mind. This will empower you to understand how your mind works, to trust it and trust the process. I am going to be a tour guide into your mind.

The first theory supporting My Envisioned Mind is best explained by Dr Richard Restak, a renowned professor of neurology, who has written over 20 books on the human brain and its neurology. He states that our brain is geared for survival and describes it as follows:

The human brain is organized in terms of a “mental society.” In other words, alongside our verbal system, there may reside any number of “mental units” [that] can exist, can have memories, values, and emotions, and all of these can be expressed through any of a variety of response systems. What makes this whole process so eerie is that these systems may not be in touch with the verbal system at all but rather, have their own existence outside of the areas of our brain responsible for our language and our logic.
R. Restak (1984). “The Brain”

I use visualisation to not only change the trauma and emotional pictures stored in your Limbic System, but also help you healing your subpersonalities
from their negative beliefs and emotions.

My Envisioned Mind is designed to help you explore – in your imagination – what safe and happy looks like for you. As a child you had very little control over what you were taught and experienced. You did your best to reach conclusions that would help you survive. As an adult you can become your own teacher – your own grown-up. Using My Envisioned Mind, you can replace the old pictures and experiences with pictures that heal and comfort you from the same deep, subconscious level which once defeated your attempts at change.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – The Medical Model Illustrated
Chapter 2 – What Doctors Don’t Want You To Know About Anorexia
Chapter 3 – The My Envisioned Mind Process
Chapter 4 – Case Studies Anorexia
Chapter 5 – Case Studies Bulimia
Chapter 6 – Case Studies Binge Eating

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