Anorexia Retreat

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The Change Your Past Foundation supports the attendees

of a three week for people

experiencing Anorexia.

This three week retreat will assist people with anorexia to alleviate their problems and get them back to a balanced lifestyle. We envisage the program to consist of:

  • The application of the most successful modality for anorexia at the time
  • Activities like art & yoga classes
  • Exploration of local nature, history, culture and communities
  • Beach relaxation
  • Nutrition classes and local food preparation
  • and more……..

The next retreats are likely to be scheduled in Bali, Fiji or Thailand.

Flight & Accommodation

You need to arrange your own flight. Accommodation in those destinations is excellent and low cost. Besides, we prefer to be there at quiet off-season times and will negotiate group discounts for you.

Treatment and Cost

Most treatments we researched so far are expensive ($1,000-2,000 per day), ineffective (3-6 months inpatient care + years of outpatient care) and more often than not, do not remove the course. What they achieve is that the person starts eating, but may end up with an alcohol or drug addiction soon after the outpatient monitoring is reduced or stopped. We didn’t consider spending approx. $200,000 or more for such a risky long-term treatment a good health investment.

We found a treatment that is very cost-effective ($500 per day), more time-effective (20 days inpatient and 3-6 months outpatient care), makes a positive and long-lasting impact and has absolute no side-effects whatsoever. The treatment process has a 25+ year track-record with Anorexia and the method has been trialed on a different disorder successfully in the USA. Nevertheless, our organisation wishes to collect more data through a more specific trial with Anorexia at the next retreat.

As such we offer the first 10 participants willing to participate in such a trial to fund 50% of its costs, thereby bringing the participants cost for the 20 day retreat down from $10,000 to $5,000.

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